Saturday, 16 February 2013

Business Introduction

Business Name: SWEET SWEETs

Business Description: Our aim is to supply and sell confectionary that cannot be found in Singapore and can only be found in the US or Australia or areas where they have wide varieties of candies. By doing so, as no other stall supplies these type of confectionary, we will be able to gain a monopoly.

Business Legal Structure: Business Legal Structure: Limited Liability Partnership
Reasons: LLP are easy to form due to the low costs and because of its easy managing structure, it
allows the growth of small businesses into professional companies. Moreover, there is
limited liability and this makes the business & partners safer from financial difficulties in
the future.The decentralized management also makes sure all partners have equal rights
and this also aids to the business not dissolving when a partner's death is involved. The
single taxation also lets the business slip from any unnecessary payments to the
government and save costs.

Business Type: Our business type is one where we supply to the customers.

Location: We aim to give our shop a very modern and high-class feel and as we also want to appeal to foreigners who cannot find any of the type of candy they prefer, in Singapore, we will locate ourselves in malls that have just been built and also places near hotels or near where foreigners live.

Market: Local, as the monopoly may only stretch throughout Singapore and not outside it, by keeping it within Singapore, we do not need to compete with other more experienced shops selling confectionary.

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