Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Promotion- Marketing Strategy PackU

Ad Placement:
Advertising on our van so that public can be aware of us.
MRT interchange
Telemarketers to call local companies to advertise our services to
them to see if their in need of it.
Ad Format:
Print. (Banners, Decal)
Ad Frequency:
Once every 3 months.

Done by:
Yun Shu, Thurga, Jason, Reuben, Minh Tri

Monday, 22 April 2013

Advertising and Sales Plan

this week's slides

Place- Marketing Strategy

We are doing a retail business since it is a cafe where people would go to study and eat.

Market Segmentation

Mass market, Unique, Relaxing, Customers' Favourite

Visibility and Convenience

Since our business is a retail business, we are going to place our cafes at shopping malls. We would place our shops at the centre of the shopping malls since it would be more accessible for the customers to visit our cafe. Placing our cafes in the centre of the shopping malls would attract more customers. We are going to place our cafes in shopping malls where it is not too crowded nor very less crowded so that we get a limited number of customers.

Market Coverage

Our business will be exclusive distribution. Since our product is unique such that the cafe items would have images of the customers' favourite, we would limit the availability according to the amount of resources we have. It also affords an image of exclusivity. 

Distribution Logistics

Transport: We would like to import our resources both from overseas and local. We might import the food items through air freight since it is more faster and allows our resources to reach the cafe frequently.

Done by: Netraa, Priya, Ming Hui, Jia Yi, Zhen Haw

Price- Marketing Strategy (DanceNDine)

The customer: The customer should be able to pay according to the uniqueness of the cafe items. Each cafe item would not go up to more than 30-40 dollars. 

The competition: Our items are more exclusive and it serves both music, dance and food. So we would charge higher than usual since we allow them to study at the cafe. 

Costs: Money for backup resources, Fixed cost for the place we decide to place our cafe

Corporate and Marketing objectives: We are trying to give a place for customers to study and relax. We are also trying to get the money from the business and give half of it to the orphanages. The higher the prices, the more money we can collect. So, the more the customers we can attract to our cafe, the more money we can earn.

Done by: Netraa, Priya, Ming Hui, Jia Yi, Zhen Haw

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Place - Marketing Strategy SWEET SWEETs

We will do a retail business as we are selling sweets straight up to people who enter the shop.

We aim to do a Market Segmentation and Visibility and Convenience thing. We want target the general public who buy candy but at the same time we wish to give the brand a sense of exclusiveness as this is the only shop to import candy from overseas to sell here and therefore we aim for a sort of exotic thing yet be able to be sold to all people making it very appealing.
We aim to do Selective Distribution as we are not mass selling but trying to keep it exclusive as well and so this will help as this keeps the product exclusive yet being sold to the general public.
We aim to import the candy by air freight as candy may spoil and as we need to keep a continuous supply we have to receive the products fast.
By Marcus, Eunice, Gavin, Ethan, Wai Yan, Ian

Pricing - Market Strategy SWEET SWEETs

Customers: We predict that the customers will want to pay less or the same for locally found sweets but will probably pay higher for the sweets imported from overseas this is because people are more receptive to paying stuff which comes from overseas especially places like America as they feel the quality of them is better and thus we will leverage on that to raise the pricing while not compromising on the amount of people buying.

Cost: The main cost is the start up and the loans we will need for rent in the area we choose to sell our products at. However the most draining of all, will be the continuous spending to import candy not sold in Singapore as well as the candy sold in Singapore which will be a continuous leech on our returns.

Competition: For all locally sold sweets, we will source the pricing of normal sweets sold from our competitors like Candy Empire and Cocoa Trees and keep the pricing of the sweets already found in Singapore the same. We will charge higher as people are more likely to pay more if they feel the quality is higher which is what we do by importing sweets from overseas to make people think that the quality is indeed higher.

Corporate Objectives: 
We are trying to gain a certain monopoly in the business as we will be one of the first to bring in candy not sold in Singapore thus making us the only suppliers. The pricing will also help as it gives the products a sense of quality being from overseas so we will be able to increase the prices.

By Marcus, Eunice, Gavin, Ethan, Wai Yan, Ian

Monday, 8 April 2013

Slides and Homework for Week 3

Here are the slides and homework for week 3 =)

Marketing Strategy (Product Component)

Tangible: The delivery services wraps your package for you and sends
it according to when you want to send it.

Intangible: When you use the delivery service once, the next time you
use it you get 20% discount.

Anatomy: Based on the choice of the customer. Such as the design of
the wrapper. They can also request for a card to write their message.

Future: We will find ways to improve ourselves. We want our customers
to enjoy our service.

Group PackU
Thurga, Yun Shu, Minh Tri, Jason and Reuben.

Product Component SWEET SWEETs

Tangible Features of our Confectionary (Stall)
- The taste of the sweet
- The attractive smell
- Vibrant colours and designs of sweets
- Unique design of stall appeals to people to come and buy
- Unique packaging of sweets

Intangible Features of our Confectionary (Stall)
- Design of stall gives an expensive feel
- Unique sweets not from Singapore gives people the feel that they have first class sweets and are different.
- Make people feel rich as the packaging has a expensive feel
- When we bring in confectionary from other countries known for their quality e.g America or New Zealand when people eat it they get a first class, high quality feel from it.

Anatomy of Product
- The packaging
- The sweets and chocolate itself

- Food & Beverage

Linkage to customers
- Makes customers feel unique as they have consume different type of confectionary not from Singapore
- They feel more high quality and high class as confectionary from other countries  are brought to here and are being sold.
- It benefits them as they are able enjoy the confectionary culture of other countries right in Singapore.
-Foreigners who come here missing their own confectionary can still eat their own types of sweets from us.

Done by Marcus, Wai Yan, Ethan, Eunice, Gavin, Ian
I forgot to put my name.. Priya

I&E Homework.

Marketing Strategy :

Tangible factors: Since its a DanceNDine restaurant, there should be food and thus the food is a tangible factor.

Intangible: Music.

Anatomy of Project:
Everything is based on the choice of the customer. For example, the design on their cupcakes, the song which they want to dance to. Just about everything! This place is mostly meant for Music Lovers and people who just want to relieve themselves from stress.

We would gather feedback forms so that we would be able to keep improving ourselves until most of our customer demands are accomplished. Our aim is of course for all of them to be accomplished.

Marketing Strategy (Netraa)

Marketing Strategy

Classification of Product

-- Speciality Products

Tangible and Intangible Factors

Tangible Factors: Colourful, Sweet, Tasty, 

Intangible Factors: Unique, Customers favourite

Anatomy of product

Core: DanceNDine reliefs customers and gives them a suitable place to relax and at the same time have fun by listening and dancing for their favourite songs or bands. It also makes people delighted by the delicious cafe where it provides food with their favourite singer, dancer or band.

Tangible: The music played will be according to the customer's choice. The design on the cupcake or any dessert would be the customer's favourite band, singer or dancer. The desserts are colourful, sweet and tasty. These reliefs the customer from stress and also makes them to enjoy.

Augmented: DanceNDine provides members discounts as well as free delivery service. It  also provides 3D cakes including their favourite singer, dancer or band. 

Future: This would make people think that the cafe is more modern and meets customer's demands.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

I&E Homework and Slides


Remember to complete your homework by next I&E lesson. Refer to the last slide, Slide 13, for instructions.

Mr Dennis Lam