Monday, 25 March 2013

Deadlines for Market Research Assignment



Complete all group survey forms by:_28 March 2013_______________________

(Show Mr Dennis Lam)


Every member in the group must use the same form to collect data.


Each member collect 10 sets of survey data by:_8 April 2013____________________

(Show Mr Dennis Lam)


Compile survey findings using appropriate methods by:_12 April 2013_______

(Show Mr Dennis Lam)


Be ready to present by:_18 April 2013____________________


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Market Research Survey Notes

Please number all questions and design the form properly like an actual survey that you can use and answer straight away. Indicate where to write the answers, e.g. brackets, blank lines. Introduce yourself in the beginning and thank the participant at the end of the survey.

E.g. “Dear Participants,

I am representing <your group>, collecting information on behalf of xxx company for the purpose of market research. Kindly answer every question in this survey; it will take approximately 15 min to complete. If you have any query, please feel free to approach me for clarification. Please return the completed survey form to me at <ADDRESS> by 18 March 2013. (This is an academic exercise – xxx company does not exist.)

Thank you for your kind participation in this survey.”

Many of you did not ask questions that tells you how useful the responses are: you didn’t ask the participants’ income level, ages and ability to make decision. In other words, you need to determine if the participants are suitable for your survey.

Answers take time and effort to analyse. For every question you put into the final survey, ask yourself how the answers will be useful for writing your business plan. If you can’t convince yourself that it help you, choose another question or re-write it to capture the information you need.

Note: open-ended questions that allow participants to write any response are typical very hard to analyse eventually.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

5-10 words or phrases that describe business

  • Relaxing
  • Fun
  • Innovative
  • Cheerful
  • Different

3-5 words or phrases that describe company's ideal image from a customer's point-of-view

  • Enjoyment
  • Up to customer's favourite things
  • Relaxing

3-5 words or phrases that describe the company's ideal image from a management and employee point-of view

  • Successful
  • Useful
  • Popular

Friday, 8 March 2013

InE Questions

Do you like sweets?
Favourite confectionary?
How much would you pay for confectionary?
Do you think having a sweet shop in the area will be good?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Example of Market Survey Questions with Comments - Mr Dennis Lam

Good job with the first draft of the questions. Please see my remarks and send me the final survey (with all the layout of the actual survey) to

Fizz Burst's Survey


1. What is your name?

2. What is your gender?

3. How old are you?

4. What is your address? Would you give your address in a survey? How can you analyse this?

5. What is your hobby? How much use would this be to your business?

6. What are your favourite drinks?

7. What is the main reason why you buy drinks?

8. Around what time do you usually buy drinks? How would this be useful to you? What is your target audience? Why?

9. What drink stores do you usually go to?

10. Do you find the location of those drink stores convenient?

11. How often do you buy drinks from those drink stores?

12. What do you think those drink stores should improve on?

13. Do you think that it is necessary for there to be another drink store? How is this useful?


What is your target audience?

What response do you expect (MCQ, paragraph, scale)? Show me a complete form.

Mission Statement (Thurga Kalaichelvan)


-Will Attract Customers

Customers POV
- Cheap
- Fast
- Reliable

Management and Employee's-Point-Of-View
- Successful
- No complications

Business Plan Template due on 13 March


Please download the Business Plan Template here:

The file is titled I&E Business Plan Format-1.doc. You should keep this document for the rest of the year. For next Wed, you need to complete three parts:

1. Business Description
2. Internal and External Influences of your Business
3. References

… basically everything that is in green. Change it to dark blue after you have completed these sections.

This is basically a compilation of what you have done before. Each person is to submit one copy, which should be somewhat different from the work of other group members. If you have done all your homework, that should not be a problem. Of course, company name, tagline, mission, vision and products should be the same.

How to submit? - Send completed Word or Pages document to by 13 March.

Thank you!