Friday, 10 May 2013

Individual Task

Name: Clemens Chua
Company name: Infinite Sportswear
Products: Sports wear but mostly will be football boots for either field wear or hard ground wear.
Tagline: The Infinite Sports Experience

How would you build your brand?
We will try to place our shop in an obvious place, and we will make some video advertisements for our products to get it around.
By Clemens- Infinite SportsWear.

Mission statement 

Describe Business:
High Quality

Words or Phrases describing ideal image in customer's POV:
Value for money
Top grade products

Words or Phrases describing ideal image in employers and management POV
Reasonable pay
High standards

Business Introduction

Business Name: Infinite SportsWear

Business Description: A whole new independent business that is focusing on sportswear mainly football shoes.

Business Legal Structure: Business Legal Structure: Limited Liability Partnership 
Reasons: LLP are easy to form due to the low costs and because of its easy managing structure, it allows the growth of small businesses into professional companies. Moreover, there is limited liability and this makes the business & partners safer from financial difficulties in the future.

Business Type: We will supply our main products to the customers

Location: We aim to design our shop to revolve around our brand of sportswear. Also, we want others to be able to locate this shop anywhere, but we will start from shopping malls first.

Market: Mainly Local as it will be quite hard trying to control both Singapore market and international. Therefore we will try to build up our brand's name first and when other people are aware of this brand they will look out for it.

Introduction of Business

Business name : Infinite SportsWear

Description: A business that provides sportswear products that are mainly football boots for either field wear or hard ground wear.

Legal Structure: Partnership

Business Type: Company

Location: Shopping Malls 

Market: Local

Our Company

Names of group members:
Clemens, YanZheng, WenFeng, Luke and Isabella

Our Company Name:
Infinite SportsWear
The Infinite Sports Experience.

The Product: Sports wear but mostly will be football boots for either field wear or hard ground wear.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Slides and Homework Week 7


Advertising Strategy SWEET SWEETs


Have pure family happiness at home with the delivery of our Sweet Sweets. 

Be in one heart as you bite into the sweet happiness that your family members are enjoying alike overseas.

As you eat this sweet, be reminded of your family back home through this candy.

This advertisement comes with a warm, friendly touch to make the audience who we are targeting to purchase our products in a more emotional manner. However, we made sure not to go below the limit of maintaining our self-proclaimed status of skimming off the market as a company name with a reputation.


As our store will be run in the more upmarket areas, we would first leave advertising through the word of mouth. However once we gain a sufficient amount of funds, we could use the surplus to launch an extensive advertisement campaign. We would use colorful and eye catching advertisements at bus stops and same so on television. Also we aim to give out flyers.

2 Promotional Tools: 

1.Buy 1 Get 1 Free! When we first open shop, we plan to have a buy 1 get 1 free (Imported Candy not usually found in Singapore)  sale as we are not very well known, by doing so, this allows the buyer to buy the candy they prefer like Snickers and them get a free piece of candy not found in Singapore. By doing so, they will get to try the new candy they offer, allowing us to advertise our candy.

2. Patronage Rewards! We also want to give them patronage rewards so the more they return, the more they will get. Our patronage rewards will be mainly a package of candy which consists mainly of the candy not found in Singapore. This allows us to continually advertise our candy while giving them incentives to return.

Done by: Marcus, Eunice, Yun Shu, Gavin & Ian

Promotion- Marketing Strategy Invictus Technology