Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Example of Market Survey Questions with Comments - Mr Dennis Lam

Good job with the first draft of the questions. Please see my remarks and send me the final survey (with all the layout of the actual survey) to dennis_lam@sst.edu.sg

Fizz Burst's Survey


1. What is your name?

2. What is your gender?

3. How old are you?

4. What is your address? Would you give your address in a survey? How can you analyse this?

5. What is your hobby? How much use would this be to your business?

6. What are your favourite drinks?

7. What is the main reason why you buy drinks?

8. Around what time do you usually buy drinks? How would this be useful to you? What is your target audience? Why?

9. What drink stores do you usually go to?

10. Do you find the location of those drink stores convenient?

11. How often do you buy drinks from those drink stores?

12. What do you think those drink stores should improve on?

13. Do you think that it is necessary for there to be another drink store? How is this useful?


What is your target audience?

What response do you expect (MCQ, paragraph, scale)? Show me a complete form.

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