Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How Nike evolved to understand its customers.

The selected brand that I have chose is Nike. This brand has been around since 1964 being known as Blue Ribbon Sports. It has evolved to understand it customer by buying certain brands that were in the Sports Industry and by doing so were able to create a certain monopoly as it bought over more companies. Once it had done that, Nike began making shoes for famous stars in sports which allowed Nike to be 'advertised' further and thus through the sports people, normal people began to believe that Nike was the brand of choice for top grade shoes as Nike knew that by allowing sportsmen and women to wear their shoes, the people who followed and watched them would think the shoe would allow to be as good as them or would help them feel popular with these shoes, thus the brand evolved to the customers who watched these athletes and understood that these athletes were their idols and allowed their idols to wear Nike shoes thus hooking the fans to those shoes.

By Marcus 


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