Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I&E Homework for 28 Jan 13

Group Assignment:
If you want to be an entrepreneur in the future with your group members as partners,  what kind of business / industry would you want to be in?
Create a name and tagline for this company.
Post should include i) your names, ii) the company name, iii) the product
Due Date: 6 Feb 2013

Individual Assignment:

How would you build your brand?

Post your comments on the class IE Blog.
Include i) your name, ii) company name, iii) product, iv) tagline at the top of your post.
E.g. <full name>, <Carl’s Jr.>, <Hamburgers>, <It’s Gonna Get Messy>, <brand building method>
Due Date: 6 Feb 2013


  1. Individual Assignment:

    Thurga Kalaichelvan, PackU, (Packing,Mailing and Distribution), Perfectionist of Packing, I will set goals for my public image.

  2. Individual Assignment :

    Lim Jia Yi, DanceNDine,(Cafe, Entertainment, Music), Magic Happens..., I will advertise on TV and social networking sites to attract more youngsters' attention.