Monday, 22 April 2013

Price- Marketing Strategy (DanceNDine)

The customer: The customer should be able to pay according to the uniqueness of the cafe items. Each cafe item would not go up to more than 30-40 dollars. 

The competition: Our items are more exclusive and it serves both music, dance and food. So we would charge higher than usual since we allow them to study at the cafe. 

Costs: Money for backup resources, Fixed cost for the place we decide to place our cafe

Corporate and Marketing objectives: We are trying to give a place for customers to study and relax. We are also trying to get the money from the business and give half of it to the orphanages. The higher the prices, the more money we can collect. So, the more the customers we can attract to our cafe, the more money we can earn.

Done by: Netraa, Priya, Ming Hui, Jia Yi, Zhen Haw

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