Monday, 8 April 2013

Product Component SWEET SWEETs

Tangible Features of our Confectionary (Stall)
- The taste of the sweet
- The attractive smell
- Vibrant colours and designs of sweets
- Unique design of stall appeals to people to come and buy
- Unique packaging of sweets

Intangible Features of our Confectionary (Stall)
- Design of stall gives an expensive feel
- Unique sweets not from Singapore gives people the feel that they have first class sweets and are different.
- Make people feel rich as the packaging has a expensive feel
- When we bring in confectionary from other countries known for their quality e.g America or New Zealand when people eat it they get a first class, high quality feel from it.

Anatomy of Product
- The packaging
- The sweets and chocolate itself

- Food & Beverage

Linkage to customers
- Makes customers feel unique as they have consume different type of confectionary not from Singapore
- They feel more high quality and high class as confectionary from other countries  are brought to here and are being sold.
- It benefits them as they are able enjoy the confectionary culture of other countries right in Singapore.
-Foreigners who come here missing their own confectionary can still eat their own types of sweets from us.

Done by Marcus, Wai Yan, Ethan, Eunice, Gavin, Ian

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