Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Place - Marketing Strategy SWEET SWEETs

We will do a retail business as we are selling sweets straight up to people who enter the shop.

We aim to do a Market Segmentation and Visibility and Convenience thing. We want target the general public who buy candy but at the same time we wish to give the brand a sense of exclusiveness as this is the only shop to import candy from overseas to sell here and therefore we aim for a sort of exotic thing yet be able to be sold to all people making it very appealing.
We aim to do Selective Distribution as we are not mass selling but trying to keep it exclusive as well and so this will help as this keeps the product exclusive yet being sold to the general public.
We aim to import the candy by air freight as candy may spoil and as we need to keep a continuous supply we have to receive the products fast.
By Marcus, Eunice, Gavin, Ethan, Wai Yan, Ian

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