Monday, 22 April 2013

Place- Marketing Strategy

We are doing a retail business since it is a cafe where people would go to study and eat.

Market Segmentation

Mass market, Unique, Relaxing, Customers' Favourite

Visibility and Convenience

Since our business is a retail business, we are going to place our cafes at shopping malls. We would place our shops at the centre of the shopping malls since it would be more accessible for the customers to visit our cafe. Placing our cafes in the centre of the shopping malls would attract more customers. We are going to place our cafes in shopping malls where it is not too crowded nor very less crowded so that we get a limited number of customers.

Market Coverage

Our business will be exclusive distribution. Since our product is unique such that the cafe items would have images of the customers' favourite, we would limit the availability according to the amount of resources we have. It also affords an image of exclusivity. 

Distribution Logistics

Transport: We would like to import our resources both from overseas and local. We might import the food items through air freight since it is more faster and allows our resources to reach the cafe frequently.

Done by: Netraa, Priya, Ming Hui, Jia Yi, Zhen Haw

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